A friend of mine recently asked me her opinion on a  subject related to boys. With her permission, I decided to answer her question on this blog, because I know that other people wonder the same thing.

There’s this guy who I like. We’ve spent the night together several times, but all we did was sleep. I know that he has feelings for me. His friends all say so, and I can just tell from the way he acts around me. He’s had plenty of chances to make a move, especially when we’ve been drinking, because I always get touchy-feely. Why hasn’t he done anything yet? Not even a kiss???

In my opinion, I think that he is just taking things slowly. Either he’s doing it on your behalf, or maybe he had some relationship issues in the past that might be affecting him now. While most guys would definitely take advantage of a flirty, tipsy, beautiful girl, this one seems different. I think that he doesn’t want to make a mistake with you and have you think of him as just another drunken hookup. It sounds like he has real feelings for you and doesn’t want to screw it up.

My advice? Next time you’re laying in bed, lean over and kiss him on the cheek goodnight. Maybe that will be the encouragement that he needs to progress things along.

Followup: I heard from my friend that he did finally make a move, and it was true – his last serious girlfriend had cheated on him, so he was a little nervous. But once he made a move… it was great. 😉

I hoped I helped!

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