I was reluctant to do another post so soon, but when I looked out my window and saw the massive amount of snow, I just couldn’t help myself. I’ve been playing on [polyvore] for a while, but now realized that it was the perfect outlet to create the perfect snow day outfit for any hip snow bunny. Nothing looks more perfect in the snow than a girl standing there, snowflakes gently gathering in her hair and on the tips of her eyelashes.

Go outside, play in the snow with your honey. Then you can come back into the warm house, strip off a few layers, then curl up on the couch with a cup of hot cocoa (you may or may not add peppermint schnapps, I won’t tell). If you have a fire place to set this cozy mood, now is the perfect time to use it. If not? Pop in a DVD and enjoy the day!

Don’t forget to throw a few snowballs and make a few snow angels though!

What do you think?