We’ve all had it happen. We go over to a guy’s house, ultimately end up hooking up, falling asleep (either naked or in an uncomfortable pair of pants/skirt), then wake up in the morning looking, and feeling, like a hot mess. Throw in the walk/drive of shame and what turned into a great night might make us feel miserable. What we need is something that will make us look and feel great on the outside. What we need is a well-stocked overnight bag. Stock it with travel-sized items to keep it from getting big and bulky.

When you’re picking out your overnight bag, make sure to choose something that it more in the style of a big purse, not a duffel bag. That way you can easily carry it inside your date’s house without having him starting to worry right away that you’re spending the night. This also works great if you’re heading over to a friend’s house for some TV and end up getting too drunk on wine to drive home.

This Louis Vuitton Aquarelle bag is great size wise, but look for something much cheaper, and without the lizard skin handles – please.

Here are the basics every good overnight bag should have:

  • Cute PJ Pants (Pants, not shorts, just in case your legs get a little prickly. This are usually whipped out after you’ve slept with a guy a few times – that way he doesn’t think that meant to sleep with him all along.)
  • Condoms (NEVER rely on a guy to provide condoms. Even if you’re on birth control, don’t have sex without a condom. While condoms don’t eliminate all risks of catching an STD, it is a step in the right direction. But you shouldn’t really be having sex with someone without knowing their past history in the first place.)
  • Toothbrush or mouthwash (Preferably both. Most people feel refreshed just having a clean mouth. You can use the Colgate Wisp – the one time use toothbrush with the bead of toothpaste, but I like more toothpaste on my brush than that. It didn’t feel like my mouth was getting clean.)
  • Deodorant (It doesn’t have to be your regular kind, unless you can find it in a mini-size. Just anything that will keep you smelling nice.)
  • Aspirin (For those morning after headaches)
  • Flip Flops (Can be kept in the car. You can buy an inexpensive pair from Old Navy, just to save your feet another day of wearing 4-inch high heels.)
  • Hairbrush + Hair Tie (You can get one of those tiny ones that fold up. Just throw your hair back into a ponytail and you’re good to go!)
  • Make-up (Just mascara and lip-gloss will do. Just something to freshen you up in the morning.)
  • Make-up Remover Wipes (So you don’t wake up with those horrible raccoon eyes. So gross. You should always remove your make-up before going to bed, even if you aren’t hooking up. It keeps your skin nice.)
  • Contact Case w/ Solution (Vera Bradley recently came out with a travel contact case kit. It includes a little container to poor some contact solution in. Something like this is a great invest to just keep in your car if your eyes start to ever bother you)
  • Granola Bar (Just in case you get hungry.)

Question: Do you have an overnight bag? What essentials do you keep in yours?